paradigm shift.


part two of kai’s birth story


When Amy returned, she told us they had made space for us in the ultrasound room, and we could hop on down the hall. At this point, though, nothing I did to travel from one place to another looked like hopping. I guess you could call it waddling. As the ultrasound tech swathed my belly in that crazy gel, I prayed. This is not something I’m very good at. That is, talking to the creator. But at this moment I squished my eyes closed and hoped that they would see you head down, the whole while knowing for certain that you were head up, or breech, if you want to be technical. And sure enough there you were, on the screen, head up. A sweet little head tucked under my heart.

After, the ultrasound, Amy suggested an External Version. This is a procedure, where two doctors get on either side of the belly, and push. One from one side, one from the other. The point is to coax the baby into the head down position. I sat in the check out area, and silently cried fat tears, as the surgical coordinator, tried to kindly explain the procedure, what I needed to do, and where I needed to go the following Friday.

On the car ride home, I called Marta, my trusty acupuncturist. After I got over the initial, I need to cry moment, I was back in resource mode, figuring out how to get you my darling fuzzy haired boy, in the right position for your intervention free birth. Marta who is fabulous, had an appointment open in an hour. So my resourcing began that very evening.

The next days and weeks are a blur of so many things. That weekend, your father and I had to go to our new parents class, I remember giggling, each time your father would ask questions. Because, he so wanted to be good at this new dad thing, and he wasn’t afraid to put it out there.

At work on Monday, I let my boss know that I would need the following Friday off for the version. I can’t even begin to explain how kind some of the teachers and staff at school were. Besides your dad, no one else had been able to see me almost daily through my pregnancy, or be privy to how everything was changing. They couldn’t have been more supportive when I found out you were breech, and that I might need a surgery to bring you into the world.

One of my favorite parts of being pregnant, is how every woman who has had a baby still loves to share their birth story. Throughout the week at work, and in other places, women would open up about their experiences, and how they felt as their babies came into the world. It helped me to mull over these stories, and to know that no matter what, you would soon be in my arms.

part three


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