New Year – 1 of 365


cloudy then sunny then cloudy again.  flurries.  temp at 3 pm, 34 degrees.

Resolutions Things to do

  • Keep moving towards a sustainable lifestyle
  • Explore frugality
  • Declutter my work life
  • Stop tolerating the abuse I inflict on my body (poor nutrition, poor sleep,  poor exercise routine)
  • Blog 365
  • Project 365 (a picture a day)

Today,  frugality – trying again with a January spending freeze.   Working off of this  model.  Though, I always get a little freaked out when I explore the Internets to see how others are living a frugal lifestyle, as there tends to be this scary, we’d rather live in a separatist compound with more guns,  vibe.    My frugality piece has to do with wanting to erase my families debt load, and the – oh hey, we’re down one paycheck till Sept, thing.   Also, I’m trying to break my emotional shopping habit.   It’s a little warped how happy I get when I walk in to Target.    Also, when teaching, I do this whole unit on Transcendentalism, and get pretty heavy into Thoreau’s ant-materialism –  This January I’m working a little harder on practicing what I teach.


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