Local is Good – 2 of 365


cloudy.  snow- left about an inch more on top of the ice pack.  29° at 2pm.

Sustainability – There’s something about the Valley.  There is a road on both sides of the river north of my house.  When we’re in the mood to take a ride, we go “up the river, down the river”  – And every time we do,  I’m awe-struck at the straight up gorgeousness of the ride.  Though the mountains to the north-west make a nice background, it’s the miles of neatly tilled fields that get me all achy.   And the farm stands – this time of year when the ground is solid, and the trees bare, I dream of berries and tomatoes and sweet corn – I dream of them in bags and cartons piled high on the passenger seat – I dream of little boys covered in blueberry goo, as I pull them out of the car seats – I dream of dinners with more sides than meat.

These days though, the Valley is answering the call of my dreams, and providing for often organic, sometimes local,  farmer’s markets all winter long. Enterprise Farm is hosting a winter farm shed on Saturdays, and Thornes is hosting a farmer’s market, and next week there’s a Winter Fare at Smith Voc.  Today I came home with a bag brimming with  organic shalots, yukon golds, squash, and a few oranges, for just $7.50.    While certainly, this woman would disapprove of my spending a whole seven dollars for a bag of produce, I’m finding it easy enough to stay almost local, and nearly organic all year-long.


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