knackered – 8 0f 365


cloudy.  snow flurries, nothing sticking.  temperature at 7:37 pm,  23°

Totally knackered.  Not in  a good way.  Not in a way I learned in Ireland, when I would hand a bar-keep  a pile of coins, and he would reward me with a frothy Guinness,  or a tangy cider.  I’m mom knackered.  Last night. The  temperature in the small one hit a number I hadn’t seen before, nurse on the other line suggested a midnight ride.  Women in scrubs  lingered and said things to each other  like ‘he’s tachy,’ while I held my son, who would not sleep, who sounded more teradactyl than human, and willed his fever away.  Before dawn they deemed him fit enough to go, and I drove back through the night.  At home I handed the small one to his father, who  tucked him in under his arm, while I took off the layers I’d been wearing for 20 hours or more.  Wandered the house, turning off the lights I had left on while I packed a desperate diaper bag.  Stopped to pull the covers up over the energetic one who moves even in his sleep.   Climbed in under the warmth, and watched the small one inhale the familiarity of home, rested my hand on his chest, and drifted off to the sound of baby breath.

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