weak stomach – 18 of 365


bright sun melting the slushy snow.  temperature at 4:00 pm, 39°

I was going to write today about why I wasn’t going to vote for Scott Brown tomorrow.  But the truth is – I don’t have the heart for these kind of politics anymore.  The reality is, there is so few people who represent my view of  America, that I’ve all but given up.  I’m going to vote for Coakley tomorrow, but gosh I wish I was getting to vote for Cuapuano.  More, I guess I wish I lived in VT so I could vote for the only socialist in the United States Senate.   Probably Rush Limbaugh would call me an elitist, not sure where he gets off, man who won’t give up funds for the poor in Haiti.  – but he’s right, I’m an academic, a college grad, and a reader.  But then again, that makes me a lot like founder, John Adams.  I get so annoyed when people invoke the founders, and then put down academics in the same sentence.  And farmers, so many of the founders were farmers, and stewards of this Earth – pundits today would call them tree huggers.

No matter what the results are tomorrow,  I’m taking a break from national media (except for AC in Haiti).  The punditry has become so addicted to the 24 hour news cycle that they sacrifice truth, depth, and analysis for  sound bites, and sensationalism.   As of Wed, I’m going to thrive on local news, and cookies.


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