wander – 23 of 365


sunny. warm enough for a sweatshirt in the daytime.  temperature at 10:38pm, 18°

In which – I spend much time with a mouse in one hand and a nursing baby in the other –    and in which, I may have spent most of the day hung over, and don’t have real energy for writing – places I’ve been this week.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks – oh good lord does she. not only does she cook, she take pictures of every step.  I’ve cooked a goodly amount of her recipes, and I’m rarely dissapointed.

Kelly Mom – I started a new medicine this week, and I found this site to have the most sane information about the safety of that drug, for me, a nursing mama.

Huffington Post – I am absolutely on self imposed news black out this week and next  — No national media, no political yapping — but all entertainment news is fair game, and with all the yapping about team CoCo,  Huffpo rarely dissapoints.

538 – Nate Silver knows everything. Everything.

Blue Mass Group – Mass progressive politics.

Apartment Therapy – if you could climb in to any one website and live there, it would be Apartment Therapy.  I spend most of my time on their nursery and kitchen site.


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