thanksgiving – 28 of 365


flurries with one moment of the whitest, whiteout, ever.
temperature at 11:50pm,  17°

Inspired by a facilitator from MotherWoman, I started a grateful  list the night before Thanksgiving.  I wanted to do 111 in 48 hours.  I got to sixty seven.  So in shorter bursts, here’s part of that list again, revised.

1. coffee
2. when Russ cooks dinner
3. a healthy Kai
4. a healthy Keegan
5. Led Zepplin 1-4
6. NPR
7. Socks with no holes
8. My gram, for teaching me about canning, and pies, and veggie gardens, and botany, and ornithology.
12.The thanksgiving I spent in the Netherlands ten years ago.
13. Dansko clogs
14. Supportive women friends
15. Non-judgey, parent-type friends
16. scarves
17. knowing how to knit and crochet, even if i never make anything
18. mad kitchen skills
20. boxes upon boxes, and now gbs upon gbs of photos, even if they never find their way into frames or albums.
21. teenagers in my life to keep me grounded
22. everything that comes out of kai’s mouth
23. acupuncture
24. health insurance
25. nutella


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