paper plates – 33 of 365


sunny enough for the groundhog to see his shadow.
temperature at 9:41 pm 23°

So. Often, more than not, I try to buy local and sustainable.   It makes sense to me in terms of economy and ethics – among other things.  There is though my one weakness. Dollar Tree.  I know – junk from China. I can’t help it, and I’m not going to apologize for it.  This – I’ll admit is a new thing – and I only indulge  on rare occasion, but- I have a lot of fun when I do.

Today we went in search of just one thing – party supplies.  Again, I aim to use things that recyle and compost – but uh, when it comes to cleaning up after a three year old’s birthday – I surrender to the wax coated pretty paper plates that must get tossed. What was that? You heard the Earth cry a little. . . it’s okay – I’ll probably feel guilty about it till Kai’s next birthday.

I filled two bags with with streamers, goody bags, decorations, paper goods, and loot for the kids treasure hunt for under twenty bucks.  Oh yes. Love me some disposable goods.   Whatever – they’re cute disposable goods.


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