in my living room – 46 of 365


snow anticipated. temperature at 10:16 pm 25°

I cry when they play our national anthem  and I see an athlete realizing a dream

I jump up and down for people in sports I never watch, who have names I’ve never heard.

I imagine Scott Hamilton trying very hard to stay seated during figure skating competitions, but having a hard time when people land their triple toe loops.

I really dig Mary Corrilo’s feature stories.  Today she went to some tiny Manitoban town and checked out Polar Bears.  Awesome.

Chris Robinson ending Canada’s home town drought, and getting to watch his flag unfurl while he listened to a stadium full of his country men and women sing his anthem made my heart big.

I get fiercely – FIERCELY nationalistic when the Olympics roll around, and say bad things about former communist bloc countries.

Costas makes me want to beat him with a stick more than I care to admit. Instead I throw soft toys at the TV.


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