gratitude – 48 of 365



51. live music in small clubs
52. live music in big arenas
53. live music in my living room, with all my friends singing along.
54. bonfires
55. holiday visits home
56. my brother
57. pretty much everything russ does.
58. tomato soup and grilled cheese
59. that I have voice.
60. the letters I get at the end of the school year from kiddos
61. family. both sides. and the inlaws.
62. that my uncle made hard sauce and suet pudding just for me on Thanksgiving… okay, maybe not just for me. but still.
63. hard sauce
64. sitting around a table with cousins and brother recalling memories of being small and grandparents who are no longer here.
65. the two fantastic papers in a stack of 33 terrible ones.
66. sephora
67. nachos
68. care providers
69.  Kai’s one liners
70.  office supplies
71. hot chocolate
72.  the smell of he world just before it snows
73.  the joy that comes from watching your infant figure out the stuff that will become 2nd nature- waving and clapping and climbing
74. american pride
75. bookcases full of books


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