dear . .


Dear Girl Scout cookies, I love you, and I will eat every one of  you contained inside those three boxes I got yesterday.

Dear slush, you’re horrible.  go away.

Dear friend who visited in the middle of the day – thank you. And thanks for bringing cookies.

Dear angst, ha, I’m bigger than you.

Dear unfolded  laundry, you don’t scare me.  You just  go and live in that basket, all sorted.  I can ignore you for weeks.

Dear February, I’ m so breaking up with you- I’m sorry, but I’ve been seeing March on the side.

Dear Boys, your father and I rock at bedtime – seriously, we are bedtime masters, we’ve got your cups of water, white noise, perfect lighting needs covered.

Dear weird sports at the Olympics, I’m sorry that after this weekend you have to going back to being just weird sports.


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