Take Back The Media


Sarah Palin makes me throw Kai’s toys at the TV. She is by far my very least favorite Republican.   I hate her even more than Cheney- he’s just a bad characterture of Darth Vader – she’s just horrible.  Everything about her makes me want to pull my hair out.  Last night I told Russ – I wish McCain had won so at least she would have been relegated to VP status, and we wouldn’t be constantly forced to swallow her nonsense.   I thought for sure that when she QUIT in the middle of her FIRST term – that she would just go away, and maybe work on her family — but no– no, she’s gotta do a book, and be a consultant — and – GOOD GOD stand-up comedy.

It all too much – anyhoo, this little piece about her Tonight Show stop made me smile smugly – and feel better that she isn’t quietly tucked away in the Naval Observatory

Take Back The Media.


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