Trial of Mocks – 68 of 365


I’ve been awkward my whole life. I talk too loud and too much. I laugh when I’m nervous, and sob when I’m frustrated and angry. I’m a geek from way back. I was in mock trial in high school, and, and – well that says enough really.

For a long time I tried to cover up that awkwardness, smooth it over and be something I really wasn’t. Thing is, I never really succeeded in that, there was always a bookish loudmouth just dying to escape.

This is all just a really long way of saying how much I adore, adore – freakin’ straight up LOVE – the TV show Glee! Because, for an hour, I can revel in the awkwardness — and then I can get all choked up when the warm teacher type, gets all welled up because his students have ade him proud. Certainly many of us awkward types become teachers, if only to give those kindred kids a place to be themselves, to spread their geeks wings, and grow.


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