In which pithy isn’t enough


Every sunday I listen to This American Life.  I do the dishes after dinner while Russ bathes the babies, and I get lost in the stories. It is one of my favorite hours of the week. Last night the dishes were done early, so I bounced around my kitchen, dusting and watering plants and bouncing the baby because I couldn’t stop listening.  The whole hour was compelling but the last story hit home.

I’m a teacher who has taken a year off from teaching to be a mama. This year away has given me a little perspective on my profession, and I keep having momments of clarity about this vocation.

Last night, this last piece rang truer than most of the diatribe published in the NEA’s quarterly magazine – and I found myself nodding emphatically along.

The Apocalypse and the Life Boat (begins at 42:46, but if you have a chance listen to the whole show)


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