Valley Views – 87 of 365

Building an Ark – same one I’ve been building since last May

I’m not sure where else I would live.  Not that I’m going anywhere, but no where else feels more like home.  Maybe it’s because the boys were born here – or because my career is here – or because I got married here – somehow I’ve had a  whole lot of life here in the last six and a half years.

When I was at UConn, and something would peeve me -I would  tell my roommate — I’m going to write a letter. It became a running joke — “ick, I’m going to write a letter.”
“Okay Tara, you do that.”

What I’ve realized in my grown up years – is that not often enough do we hand out praise when it’s due-we are often ready to complain, to fill out a comment card negatively – but not to give people an ‘atta boy when deserved.  So I’ve decided to take some time each week and talk about some of the things that make this Valley so great.

This week I started making a list of things that made me happy, instead of things that make me angry– and I’ve kept adding to that list – – Sometimes I slip into the things I want to be angsty about – but for  now I’m going to keep this list on the warm and fuzzy side of things-

Northampton Area Pediatrics
Sierra Grill
WRSI – The River
Stay in Touch Acupuncture
River Valley Market
Strong and Healthy Smiles
Esselon Cafe
Wing Wong
Pride Parade
Cooley Dickinson Midwives
Farmer’s Markets
Hopkins Academy Music Program


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