Open Road – 88 of 365


When I was small, there were still record players – and tape decks. When I was small, you could make mix tapes by recording tunes off the radio.  When I was small, I would take my mother’s Cat Stevens’ record and play them over and over and over again.  I knew “Moon-Shadow” by heart by the time I was five, or maybe six.

Three is something about putting a record on – I don’t need to be all old is better here — but some of the romance is lost when you cue up an iPod.

Russ cleaned out the cars yesterday, and found all sorts of runaway cds – including the first disc I played the first day I could get up and around in the hospital after I had Kai.  I’m fairly certain Kai was born to “Three Little Birds”  – and then we played “Blackbird” as they weighed him – I think Keegan was born to “Half an Acre” by Hem – though it might have been “Closer to Fine” –

But the disc I happened to play the first morning I was up and walking around, and swaying with a barely day old baby was Color in Bloom by Percy Hill — I was once quoted in Relix Magazine as saying that Percy Hill was like a sunny day on an open road, with windows cranked down, and music cranked up.  I really just meant to say that they make me happy.  But sometimes, I’m a little more verbose than needed.  That disc is  in rotation  just in time for the blooming color of the Valley in spring. I’ve got this and Graceland on repeat.  We’re learning all the words, and Kai is now calling me Al.


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