observation – 110 of 365


This- is the river by the house I grew up in. It was near that river that I might have hung out during all hours of the evening, up to all manners of mischief.

This is the river by the house  I  live now.

I go daily with Kai to throw rocks in. Yesterday I saw a group of young teens hanging around on bikes, trying to look cooler than their 13 years, and it made me surprisingly cranky. Tonight, at a time it was far too late for throwing rocks,  I saw two cars drive down towards the dam, and I thought about ringing the local cops.

And then, I blushed for being that old.


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  1. It is amazing how that happens….
    I was at a local show not too long ago, supporting a friends band – and the venue was filled with those types of kids…. it took everything I had not to scoff and get annoyed….

    I had to remind myself that, at one point even I was that way…and that I must have looked THAT ridiculous when hanging out at Studio 158….

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