Watching American Idol Gives Back – and while I know it’s just an exercise  in corporate showmanship- great  goodness, there are so many heartbreaking stories to be told. Annie Lenox, who by the way has pipes given to her by a legion of magical creatures,  told this story of a little girl getting better with the help of anti-retroviral drugs – and I just about lost it.  It’s just I am so beyond blessed.  I have never been cold enough to have to sleep in layers of  coats, and  I have never been hungry enough to need to ask for food from a stranger.   I have never had to choose between books and medicine for my children. I am so incredibly privileged, so incredibly blessed, and so incredibly grateful. With my gratefulness, I’m sneaking in to my boys’ room and kissing them, and squeezing them, and reveling in how very fortunate we are.


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