Tag Sale Time


I’m not having any more kids.  Okay. The plan is not to have any more kids – but with Russ’ mom having gotten pregnant with him at 43, and his sister getting pregnant after she had her tubes tied, well the plan is still not to have any more kids – it’s just I’m not sure I have any say in that plan.

So – no more kids, which means – see you later baby stuff.  Oh my the incredible amounts of gear we have accumulated in just three and a half years — This pile is just the clothes

The other pile of gear, of swings, of jumperoos, and bouncy chairs is taking up an entire basement wall downstairs.  I want to get all misty and nostalgic about this stuff being somewhere other than here – but I can say that I that’s not really happening.  I have a small stash of the boys tinniest of outfits and first shoes – often so hard to believe they could really have been that small. That small collections is enough to keep me connected to their small days – and I’m glad to get the bigger and bulkier gear out the door.


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