I have an addiction . .


. . .and its name is produce.

Lame right? Yeah, well I’m making my 2nd batch of rhubarb bars in just two days. Tonight I ate asparagus, fresh from the  field’s of Hadley, with enthusiasm that lions don’t even know as they’re felling zebras.

The goal for the rest of the summer is local, and in season.  And if not super local, at least East Coast.  It’s hard habit to break, having grown up with the world’s produce at my beck and call – but it’s just insane to eat bananas that had to burn jet fuel to get here, when I can eat strawberries that grow around the corner.

We planted peas last weekend, and I think they are nearly as cute as the kiddo I let help plant them.

how long till snow pea stir fry?

loving the garden

Okay, that’s pushing it.


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