Dear . . . .


Dear main stream media,

You can not call it a landslide for the GOP – when the only election of last night… that is for a seat – not a primary – was won by a Dem. in a heavy ’08 McCain district.

Dear yellers,

You can not say the main strea media is so so liberal, when the freakin’ NYT has a freakin’ love letter to Limbaugh on it’s Editorial page today.

Dear surgery,

a bandage so big, I have to get a ride home because my vision will be obstructed? Dude. That’s hot.

Dear May and June,

you’re kicking my arse.  Every weekend is booked out from here to eternity – and a lot of the weekdays.  And last night I said yes to chaperoning a camp out with teenagers — yeah I know – May and June, that’s not really your fault.


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