when you’ve had enough


I have a ridiculous temper. I reserve it for those I love the most. I fear, most of us have that issue – you know, the patience of Job for every schlub out there, but our own flesh, or our chosen partners – they get the short end of the fuse.  Right now though, I’m angry at BP — I get that no one knows how the hell to fix this leak. I get it. But good God, why did we give these folks a freakin’ permit to drill in the damn gulf, miles under the surface if there wasn’t a f’in plan.

Currently – I’m banging my head on the table, seriously.

So why the drilling with out a plan. Greed. And consumption – If I look round my desk right now there are no less than 100 things in my view that are made of plastic. Plastic comes from petroleum.  Petroleum comes from oil in the Gulf – or perhaps the Middle East – so that counts me, and perhaps everyone – just a little bit culpable for this spill.   I’ve started weening myself and the fam off the plastic, but the task seems daunting – This week, I’m just working on plastic in the kitchen. It seems easier to take it on room by room. I also talked to Russ about ditching the oil burner, and going for natural gas – but sometimes I wonder if the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t —

And speaking of Biblical references, from the little bit of study I have done, sometimes I wonder if God isn’t shouting at everyone to JUST. PAY. ATTENTION.  Caught up travelling around the world burning fuel and adding carbon to the atmosphere? Blam! Here’s a volcano – take a seat.   Endlessly consuming goods and fuel without much thought of the consequences?  Blam! Here’s your consequences – all over the six o’clock news – on every channel, and then on the Daily Show, and on endless loop on cable news.

Ah – what can you do –
Me, and here’s where I get simperingly sweet – (you know in contrast with that temper) me, I just love this Earth and my boys on it, the best I can while, we, and it are still here.


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