12 weeks till I find myself as a working mom. Yah yah, I know, a working out of the house mom. Lord knows, I’m thinking September will feel a bit like a vacation. But between now and then I have just two things I want to make as much of a habit, as I have made blogging –

One – reading- I used to read books like no one’s business – and now, I read web pages, and status updates. I have a coffee table full of books to read – the stuff I though I would have been reading all along this year – but not so much.  So this summer is it.

Two – Yoga – starting Tuesday, I’m hitting up a yoga a class every weekday that I’m in town and not in surgery. This is an entirely arbitrary goal – not even something I care all that much about, but I’ve decided that I could use some practice at being present and using my breath – so there it is – Yoga on weekdays.

And if by the end of the week I haven’t started either of these tasks, I’ll just come back here and edit this piece, as if it was never here.


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