Things my Gram taught me/ shared with me –

why blue jays are bad
how to color queen anne’s lace
how to shuck corn
how to make tuna salad sandwiches
how to make jam
how to make apple butter
how to make pie
how to pick berries
how to kill japaneese beetles
what a peep frog is
how to look for critters
how to compost
who Gene Stratton  Porter is
how to use coffee grounds on your flowers
how to iron wrapping paper for another use
how to save ribbons
how to keep track of license plates
how to sing Amazing Grace
how to teach Sunday School
how to read the Bible
how to get ready for a picnic
the comprehensive history of her brothers, sisters, children, and all her nieces and nephews
how she asked my Grampa to marry her when he was engaged to another woman.
why the library is so special
why she joined the Women’s Army Core in wwII
how to make creamed corn
sometimes it’s easier to laugh than be angry
that you should always take pictures

I miss her like crazy cakes.  At almost 86 she’s now living in a nursing home – and well, it’s been a while since I was sleeping over in the front room on the pull out couch, with one cousin next to me, and two tucked in sleeping bags on the floor.  Every summer morning, my nose woke me up to the smell of Gram brewing coffee for Grampa, and making him breakfast before he left for work.  1080 am would crackle over the airwaves, and I would snuggle myself in and feel like all was right with the world  as they chatted about the day to come. After grampa would leave a bit before seven, gram would set out cereal bowls for me and the cousins, and then head out to the garden.   I would drift back to sleep till I heard the back screen door slam, and then I would wander up to be the first to eat breakfast with her.

I ‘d give anything to be back there to have breakfast with her on a summer morning like that again.


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