more notes


. . .

Corey, thanks for coming up, there was a time, you would have just called it a day, but you came up, helped us load out, and hung out for the rest of the night.  Thanks for being where you were tonight.  You’re right – it’s all happening for a reason.

Pops and Lynn, thanks for digging out the medals and pocket watches, and scary family pictures.  Thanks for manning the grill, thanks for schlepping out stuff on carts.  Thanks for the cute presents. Thanks for coming by afterwards, and hanging out with the kids. I’m glad they’re getting to know their grandparents.

Tamara and Cassidy, Thanks for being at Andreas last fourth of July, it’s been so fun to keep running into you, to hang out and get to know your family. Thanks for being kind of nerdy like us.  Thanks for the Phish sticker – it adds a little bit of swagger to the box.

Noelle, and NJ, and Crystal, and Rachel, and Tamara (again), thanks for being baby mamas. Thanks for being another part of my tribe. Thanks for the kind thoughts, and kind words on Sunday. Thanks for just being there the last year. It means so so so much.

Weesie, thank you for the cute Mickey outfits. Thank coming out to all the events I send invites to. Thanks for telling such good stories. And thanks for always thinking after me.

. . .


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