more thank yous


of the first Birthday variety.

Beau and Katie, thank you for saying yes to being godparents.  Thank you for always coming to whatever shindig I invite you to. Thank you for being enthusiastic when I cook for you, be it cake or chili. Thank you for loving my kids.  Thank you for just about everything, including the sweet sorting puzzle gift you gave Keegan.

Mom, thank you for always, always helping me when I need it. Thank  you for having good ways to figure stuff out.  Thank you for your empathy and your love, thank you for being Nana.

Russ,  one day your going to tell me that the ideas are too big, too crazy, too impractical – but then maybe not.  Maybe you’ll just keep being the best go-to guy I know. Thank you for not rolling your eyes when I tell you I want to cook for thirty people,  and make the cake from scratch, and the invitations, and write the ceremony, all. by. myself.   Thank you for getting that I just need to go big or go home.  Thank you for our boys, thank you for being the best father I could ask for, and as always, thanks for being my partner on this road-trip we call life.


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