Giving up the screen



So, I read an article- and got inspired.  Handed the article to Russ, he not so much inspired, but game.




Monday, we give up TV for five days – and – and – and internet. And Droids too.  It’s just there is so much tv and computer us in this house.  It’s summer, we’re busy every weekend from here till after Labor day – so I’m thinking, why should we spend our weekdays locked in a relationship with TV and Blogs.

And I have no intention on giving up TV or my laptop or my Droid forever, I’m just looking for a little different take on life next week.

The rules-

  • No TV, No Netflix, No DVD’s for -grownups or children.
  • Russ will use the computer for work, but only during work hours.  No programing after dinner
  • I will give myself an hour a day after babies are in bed to email for work, and pay bills, and acomplish other household tasks.
  • Droids should only be used for person to person contact, no FB, no sneaking the  SCOTUS blog or KitchnTherapy.
  • If I have time left in my hour, I will blog, otherwise, all blogging will be done in pen and paper, and posted Saturday.

So yah, more intentions – we shall see.


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