Top Five


top five things I love about summer

5. long days
4. soft serve ice cream
3. swimming
2. produce
1. picnics

top five things  I’m reading right now
5. David Seadaris
4. local newspapers
3.  books about organizing
2. books about teaching
1. Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister

top five things I am cooking right now
5. burgers
4. potato salad
3.  egg sandwiches
2. orange whips
1. rhubarb bars

Top five things I’m watching this summer
5.  West Wing
4. Kai’s hair growing
3. My scar healing
2. Keegan’s step steadying
1. my garden growing

Top five things left to do this summer
5. organize my classroom
4. finish my curriculum
3. head to a pig roast in western NY
2. enjoy the long days
1. ride with my children on the same carousel that my gram used to take me and my cousins on every year in August.


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