In a day without TV – 1 of 5


It is 8:42 and my house is silent except for the clicking of my keys.   I have thirty mins before my self imposed hour limit of computer time is up.  I have three bills to pay, and four emails to answer. I’m certain, that I can get that all done.

Today we:

Trounced off to Amherst to wrastle with town collectors.
Got a cookie and moo-cow chocolate milk at the Black Sheep.
Stopped by the Dollar store to pick up some cheap art supplies.
Played with water in bins on the kitchen floor.
Made wipes with a paper-towel roll and castille soap.
colored pasta to make macaroni art tomorrow.
went to the Y so I could take a yoga class, and the kids could play at child watch.
went to the grocery store for provisions.
checked out the neighbors new chicken coop.
had brinner made by Russ.
read the Cat in the Hat Comes Back – (turns out the Cat in the Hat is the head of a Jersey crew).

And now, the dishes are done, the babies are bathed and asleep, and the thunder storm just rolled through.
I’ve always wondered what kind of time-suck tv really is, and now, I have a pretty decent idea.


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