Walk by left over brownies a friend sent you home with from her open house.  Remember that you set them out two days ago so you could make a bread pudding.
Look up “brownie bread pudding” for the sixth time, and again find nothing appealing.
Look up “bread pudding” and be horrified  by how much butter Paula Dean can use.
Figure you can wing it.
Take brownies out of casserole dish – prep caserole dish.
Put crumbly brownies back in caserole dish
Grab eggs and milk out of fridge.
Notice only clean measuring cups are one cup and 1/3 cup.
Break four eggs into glass pie plate you grabbed because you were too lazy to grab the bowls underneath.
Fill the 1/3 cup not quite twice with sugar, dump in pie plate.
Begin to measure two cups of milk into pie plate.
Run out of room.
Grab bowl from cabinet.
Pour mixture into bowl.
Add rest of milk.
See mini chocolate chips in drawer.
Sprinkle some mini chocolate chips over brownies.
Remember that custards need vanilla, pour some vanilla in.
Think custard will be better with one more egg.
Break egg at wrong angle and get half of it all over kitchen your husband just cleaned.
Clean up egg.
Remember that you really like raspberries and chocolate together.
Take frozen raspberries out of freezer, open bag and pour some of those on top of mini chocolate chips that are top of brownies that are in a prepared casserole dish.
Feel bad about earlier Paula Dean crack
Pour custard over everything.
Let set for fifteen minutes.
Wait one.
Figure if you put the top on when you put it in the oven the steam will get everything moist enough.
Think you should have paid better attention in chemistry (physics?).
Put in oven.
Set timer for ten minutes.
Have timer go off, and have husband ask “are you cooking something at 11:50 at night?”
Check oven, decide to leave cover on for ten more minutes.
Get impatient
Realize you haven’t blogged yet, and don’t have anything to write about.


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