Things I wish for my sons,

that they are compassionate,
that they want to be stewards of the Earth,
that they are champions of social justice,
that they love music.

That’s it really. Sure I hope they have someone to love someday, but I’ll be glad when they love themselves.  And sure, I want them to love the kitchen, but I think that will just happen.  And I know when you look at that list, the first three seem like weighty wishes – perhaps best bestowed by fairy godmothers- so that the fourth wish seems a bit out of place, if not just commonplace.  But music, music is why I met their father. Music is why they are here. Or perhaps how.

So, today, when we were jamming out to a disc in the car- a disc of a band their father is particularly found of –  I was clapping, and the boys followed suit– but then Keegan stopped, so Kai shouted over the guitar break, “CLAP KEEGAN, YOU HAVE TO CLAP TO THE MUSIC” – today I melted, and figured I was at least one fourth of the way to fulfilling my wishes for my children.


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