As it winds down


We spent three days a week nearly every week of the summer, for more years than I know, camped out at Gramma and Grampas.  Before the end of summer, Gram would pack us all up, which ever cousins had been there all summer, and along with an aunt, or another cousin, we would all trounce off to Hartford for our yearly outing. When we arrived would take rides on the carousel that has now been there 96 years. Then we would have a picnic  – comprised of tuna sandwiches that I have never been able to replicate, and cucumber slices from Gram’s garden. After lunch we would trounce up to the top of the Travelers tower, and take obligatory pictures of each of us trying to stick our heads out between the marble rails. Finally, we would march through the Wadsworth for our annual rendezvous with the Mummy and the Sunbather. Every year the same – And I know we must have done it for years and years, but I could only find one picture.
bushnell - 001
One picture to match the one of Kai and I this weekend.


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