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One I’m suffering from crippling writer’s block – and to be honest, I’m okay with it right now.  With the new school year just 10 days away, my brain isn’t really into waxing poetic. Instead, I have dozens of ideas knocking around in my brain, and no desire to commit those ideas to the page.

Tonight, to help me along, I made a jar – a blog jar, like a chore jar, but you know for grown-ups with a freakish love of new media.  Tonight I picked links I love — so I’m passing on some good stuff I’ve stumbled across recently–

For the parenting and teacher types who stop by here, an interesting analysis of teen behavior.

For my fellow bleeding hearts, a link that’s been kicking around FB all day, a look at how hollowed the area of the new community center really is. By the way more on this soon, I’m kinda pissy about the first amendment thing, I’m entirely pissy how certain folks are making hay of this –

For my friends with too many tomatoes – a homemade tomato soup

Again for the teacher types – a woman with a lovely organized classroom – she is an elemntary teacher, but I’ve been working her tips in all summer.

Finally a little something that I’ve been dwelling on this week. Eminem’s  new video is absolutley one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen in a long time.  But, as Jezebel puts it, “It’s not a public service announcement, it’s just a perspective.”


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