I checked to see if the sky was falling . . .


.  . . surprisingly it isn’t.

Just this once, I present you supporting evidence from my new favorite Republicans that there is an awful lot of batshit crazy in this world—

(Yes, batshit crazy is a legitimate noun. What?)

Full of himself, former member of congress, Joe Scarborough and Bush operative Mark Mckinnon- say screw ’em to the batshitters (yep I’m going to beat that into the ground).

Republican Govenor of NJ, Chris Chistie  – “. . . it would be wrong to so overreact to that, that we paint Islam with a brush of radical Muslim extremists that just want to kill Americans because we are Americans. . . ”

Michael Gerson former Bush speechwriter (dude, tough gig)   – “I have spent time in the West Wing and know what it is like for a president who has Muslim citizens, has armed forces at his command and has Muslim soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq who are fighting at our side against Islamic radicalism” to oppose construction of a mosque, Gerson said. “A president cannot say that a holy building serving people of this faith somehow desecrates Manhattan.”

and look it’s really, really hard to do this –  but yah –

George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks while visiting an Islamic center in Washington – “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam, Islam is peace.”   And again at an Iftaar Dinner celebrating the breaking of the Ramadan fast – “We see in Islam a religion that traces its origins back to God’s call on Abraham. We share your belief in God’s justice, and your insistence on man’s moral responsibility. We thank the many Muslim nations who stand with us against terror. Nations that are often victims of terror, themselves.”

Look people, the constitution isn’t a freakin’ Wikipedia document.  You can’t edit at will.  We are a nation settled by among other things,  a bunch of batshit crazies (seriously folks, the Pilgrims were so off, the Dutch kicked them out) looking for a place to practice their batshit crazy (ooh twice in one sentence).   We dig religious tolerance – nay, religious freedom here.   Further, you CAN NOT go around calling people socialists for the last two years, and then go and act less religiously tolerant than the  Chinese.

And now, now I’ll just crawl back in my rainbow tinted hole of lovely, and hang out with the bunnies and the unicorns, and revel in the rose-coloredness of it all.

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  1. It works best when describing Michele, batshit crazy, Bachmann. See how fun that is.

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