top ten


I wrote this top list of things I must get done you know, in the next ten days – and then I posted two other blogs — so I figured I’d save something for today.

1. Finish my syllabi, as well as my class policies and procedures worksheets

2. Finish clearing off my counters in my classroom

3. Finish filing

4. Tie up some yearbook loose ends

5. Start putting things together for my student teacher

6. Put posters up and finish  bulletin boards (well, I guess I mean start them)

7. Lose ten pounds so I can fit into my pre-pregnancy work clothes (an effort I’m currently thwarting by making Martha Stewart’s chewy-chocolate-chip cookies).

8.  Plan my first units for all three classes – 9th, 11th, and Journ./Creative Writing

9. Learn what it really means to be chair of an English Dept  that has four people

10. Fill out the rest of the kids’ paperwork for day care and pick up their physical forms


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