Eat the view


One of my favorite farmer’s markets is in Northampton, MA.  It lives on a sloping street in the center of town on Saturdays. This past weekend I snapped a few photos before my battery died. Ugh – blog-a-thon fail.  After the camera died I just started chatting up folks,  folks who were selling native plants, and local grains  –  farmer’s selling goat’s cheese and pickles in big ol’ mason jars. And you can learn so much if you just stop to chat.  I learned hydrangeas will grow in the shade, and that thyme can get a little woody. I learned that parsley needs to be cut back all the time, and that marigolds make a lovely addition to an herb bouquet.  

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  3. we checked out this farmer’s market a few weekends ago. unfortunately, i had hubby & kids in tow, so i couldn’t dawdle. i mean to go back again and enjoy it properly!

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