I. . .


. . .have only returned one phone call since Monday.

. . .have only written two non-work emails in thirteen days.

. . .got really lovely and sweet news this afternoon that made me smile.

. . .think that if I don’t get paid to hang out with you, I didn’t marry you, or I didn’t give birth to you, there’s a good chance I’m ignoring you at this moment in life.

. . only become a self-centered narcissist in September.

. . .have a weird obsession with tracking  hurricanes, and am terribly disappointed by the current track of Earl.

. . .earned my first paycheck in 15 months today. I then spent a good deal of cash on things I didn’t need at CVS.

. . .am trying to fake it till I make it, but that only takes me so far.

. . .am so straight-up heartbroken that my grandmother doesn’t recognize me anymore, that I thought making my cousin travel eight-hours to come see her with me, would fix that.

. . .have just learned, once again, that I can’t control, or fix everything.


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  1. Congratulations Nancy! See no matter what, you needed that pump for a reason! I wish you were with us, but you’ll do great at Smith Voc.

  2. I take such pride in reading your life journey in becoming a beautiful woman, a talented writer, a loving wife, an attentive mother and an amazing teacher…..always a wonderful daughter

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