And still more . . .


I’ve been working on these lists with my classes for the last two days.  I shared some of my old gratitude lists, and have asked them to work on their own.  As they write, I try to add to my lists. I’ve been thinking a smidgen though, about how to extend the process of all this gratitude.  It is nice enough to make lists, but perhaps there is more to be done with the lists.  Perhaps, instead of lists sitting out in the interwebs I should be more grateful on the spot – let people, and places, and retailers know how much they are appreciated.  I try – try- to be a gracious consumer, and a kind coworker, saving most of my attitude for inside of my house.  And maybe that’s it, maybe – just maybe for the next five days, (and beyond, but you know, baby steps), I can check that attitude at my own door, and be appreciative of the blessings that abound in the confines of my home.

98. my pellet stove for keeping out New England winters
99. my minivan, no matter how lame that makes me
100. foodie bloggers who share their work on-line, giving me plenty of inspiration for holiday feasts
101.  – on one hand they make it far to easy to consume.  On the other, I have a subscription for diapers, so that ever few weeks a new pack magically shows up on my door-step.  Now that’s progress.
102. a supportive boss
103. living smack dab in the middle of the five college area. With those five colleges come college towns, and bookshops, and music venues, and just so much vibrance and opportunity, sometimes I think I might burst from the culture and learning.



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