My Man Bernie – Live Blog


Bernie has been filibustering all day —  tuning in now — covering the high points.

6:30 pm Could not get one Republican vote to give a one time $250 check for disable vets or senior citizens, but all will gladly give a 100k tax break to millionaires.
6:32 It’s time for the American people to tell the Senate “What are you smoking?”
6:33 2200 call from the tiny state of VT in opposition to the  tax deal.
6:34 If we surrender now on these issue, we can expect more threats  to shut down the government.
6:37 Clearly we must extend tax breaks for the middle class, clearly, we need to get unemployment insurance to unemployed.
6:39 The estate tax repeal on the top 3/10 of one percent will cost the American people 3 trillion dollars a year.
6:40 In a time in which we have the most unequal distribution of wealth in the whole of the world.
6:41:  We will continue to support a system where the top 1% of income earners earn 23% of the wealth.  That is more than the whole bottom half of the country.
6:42 Are going to force college to become unfordable for hundreds of thousands of young people?
6:44 Our biggest fear – “our kids will do worse than us” – “our the best days of America behind us”
our we can devote our energies to the working family and the middle class, than we must defeat this proposal and others that come down the pike.
6:46 Some of the richest people in America, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, have told us, that I’m fine, but I’m worried about child poverty – I don’t need your tax break – these are patriotic Americans.
6:47  It is time, and we must, address the enormous amount of greed in this country.
6:48 this is not just a Vermont story, this is an American story.
6:50 I personally believe that a far more productive approach is . .  to invest in our crumbling infasrtucture . . . it creates jobs in a quicker and more cost effective way than these tax cuts.
6:52  We can not just support wealthy campaign contributors
6:57 I apologize to anyone who has been listening for any length of time, to say the least, I’ve been a bit repetitious.

and – end scene

or yield time.


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