Something I’ve been meaning to do all week


So – I didn’t blog all year-long.    I did blog every day till I started back to work and I did though – blog 273 days. I’m okay with this. In the course of New Year resolutions – I did pretty okay with this one.  In the meantime, I’ve gained a smidge of readership, and some sort of voice – and a bonus bit of confidence in my writing.

I thought for fun, I might make a few lists as I get back around in the new years swing of things.  I would like to tell you I’m immune to the freshness of a new calendar laid out in front of me – blank with possibility.  But I’m not  – not even a little bit –  though, granted, because I’m a teacher, my calendar has two beginning and endings a year, and two moments of planning and reflection.

For now though, I thought I might do a little looking back on what I did this year, and make some lists — because list making is arguabley one of my favorite things to do

First Up –

Your Top Ten Favorite Posts of the Year – these little buggars got the most hits this year – and I thought I might give them a bit more play – you know, because I’m ostentatious like that.

10. Tomorrow – In which I talked about being a little bit nervous about the prospect of getting my face cut into.
9.  Eat the view – well thing is about this one – I happened to participate in a blog-a-thon about local farmer’s markets – and obviously generated a little bit of a hit count from that – this isn’t a particularly lovely bit of a writing, but there is a particularly lovely  dinner plate dahlia involved.
8. Why I’m mad at Mint. I revisited a 2009 post about being mad at Mint — this sucker got a bit of Twitter love as Mint seems to have some lag time in dealing with customer service issues. I’m not as mad at Mint these days, but I don’t love them as much either.
7.  devastatingly lovely – my intro blog-a-thon post – my favorite part of this little nothing is how much I can geek out on dirt and asparagus.
6.  After midnight . . . –  this one would actually match on my own top ten things I wrote this year.  This was my birthday manifesto  a piece of writing that even got a little airtime on a local radio station.
5.  Corey James – and speaking of birthdays, this is my birthday card to my baby brother.
3 and 4.   And then there was Kai – part five of five,  part four of five – Another two that would make my top ten – Kai’s birth story took me two and a half years to write.  In these two posts I finished the story of how my monkey came to be part of our lives.
2.   this one’s for the mamas – A goodly part of my last year was spent with a lovely group of women who met through a program at the local hospital for mamas and their newborns.  I posted this on our list-serve (uh, does any one use the word list-serve anymore) way back in March, and I figure it’s how those mama find their way back to my blog from time to time.  In those women, I have found a lovely bit of community, so it’s fitting that this little blurb, and awesome song from Kimya Dawson make it into the top ten.
1.  little bit of cancer – my cancer, in the scheme of all human events, even in the course of my human events – was NBD, as my students would say (and did say) – but I imagine by throwing the C word around – I got a smidgen more clicks that week.

Tomorrow, or you know the next time I sit down to write, I will share my own favorites that look interestingly different from this list.

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