Dear . . .


Dear trees,
feel free to keep all your branches tonight.

the homeowner who enjoys both her slate roof and her electricity

Dear Gods of snow days and delayed openings,
any other time of the year you are most welcome, but during exams, you make everything wonky.

Yours truly,
the teacher who enjoys things unwonky

Dear food, stop being so good.

No seriously,
the woman who would enjoy wearing some of those old size eight jeans.

Dear children,
Today when I said I quit, and my name wasn’t mommy anymore, it was Tara, and you would have to go to the Mommy Store and pick out a new mommy– yah, sorry about that. After you went to bed, I totally stashed away some money for any therapy you might need in the future.

kisses and hugs,
your mommy, who promise she won’t ever quit

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