Live Blogging my Mama Insanity


No. No, I haven’t written much lately. Yes. Yes, my Lil’ Hater is winning.

No. No, I’m not going to tell you my favorite Pixar movies tonight.

Instead. . .

This is Perry.

He is the pet platypus of Phinneas and Ferb.

They are two adorable Disney characters who spend their summer vaction creating and inventing, and letting all the neighborhood kids in on their adventures.  Oh and Perry – their pet platypus, is actually a secret agent battling Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Yah – it’s fun.

Kai would like to be secret agent Perry. And I’m crazy enough to do this on a Friday night, in a week where Russ and both worked nearly a full week without fulltime care for Keegan.

9:06 – I was hoping to have both kids asleep by now, but I’ll settle for them watching Stuart Little in our bed while I start pinning patterns.

9:07 – damn. pins. Where are those?

9:12 – pins found, and batting for Perry’s tail.  Keegan found a roll of Christmas paper and is trumpeting like Heidi’s grampa.

9:24 Sewing. Thread broke twice.

9:44 turns out they made seem rippers for a reason.

10:09 Dear bobbin.  Seriously?

10:34 Russell has far more patience for the machine than I do.

11:28 Well after discovering that the sweatshirt I was dying Perry color for the last, oh you know six hours, didn’t take any of the color, I was scrambling for plan b. Luckily I horde craft supplies and fabric.  Lightning bolt super hero capes you say? OK.  Oh, also in the last hour, I might have flooded the bathroom enough to leak through to the basement. Yah. seriously. My life.


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