Blue skies. Day after – Live Blog


10:52 – I am in a car  headed to Brattleboro, VT. We need coffee and a generator. Waiting for things to happen, not really an option in our house.  We are #75 on the list for one at the Greenfield Home Depot. There was power in a few places, but nothing was open.
We’ve been talking about getting one for…five years now. But necessity is the mother of invention, or in our case action.

12:13 we have coffee. Everything looks better after caffeination.
We also have a generator. Third to last one at the hardware store on Main St. in Bratleboro. Coffee shop kept loosing power while we ate, didn’t care because we had bagels and coffee.
1:08 A stop in Greenfield for gas and extension cords. I had no idea a fifty foot cord would cost so much. Less though, than a fridge of rotted food.
Not-so-live-rest of the day. A realization that this isn’t a fun adventure, but reality for a while sank in around three. The world is weirdly dark without electricity. Driving home from Hamp right after sunset, and the streets were only lit by headlights from oncoming cars. The whole thing makes me feel a bit melancholy.


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