I have this draft saved. With nothing in it but a blank text box, and the title as above, Ugh.  It’s dated August 2nd of this year.  If asked by the DA, “Ms. Bernier, do you recall the events of August the 2nd of 2011?” I would have to answer,

“No. No, I do not.” And the DA would  be all,

“Should I refresh your memory?” And I would be all,

“Yes, please.”

And then I would be shown an affidavit, as if all of life was just a grown up version of mock trial.  “Oh yes”, I would reply. “Yes. That is the day that I stepped in gum- couldn’t find my meds- had to take a cold shower- was disenchanted by the news of the day- and couldn’t get to sleep.  That is why I needed a blog post titled, Ugh. Oh yes, it’s all coming back to me now.

Where’s that handy Law & Order chime when you need it?



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