Day is done, gone the sun . . .


It is because of my two nephews, two uncles, two cousins and father-in-law-  because of both my grampas, my gram and of course my father who loved a good Army story, that I celebrate the work of veterans.  It is for the great-grandfather I never met, and the great, great, great, great-uncle, and for the great, great, great, great, great, great-grandfather, who served this county, even before its inception that I take the time to write.  My family members have served in all branches of the military save the Coast Guard, and have served in nearly every major war and police action since the Revolution.  My father-in-law used his time in the Navy, after Korea, but long before Vietnam, as his path to citizenship.  One grandfather left high school to join the Navy during WWII, and the other was in the Navy for WWII, but would reenlist in the Army for Korea.  My father believed the world was ending once, but it was only a test. And my grandmother, she joined during the War because “somebody from the family had to”.

For Gram service to country was as easy as that, barely a second thought.  I don’t know that in the entirety of my life I have ever met a person with more patriotism than her.  When at her funeral, the service members played taps, folded her flag, and handed it to my grandfather with the thanks of a grateful Nation, I couldn’t help but think that more than the eulogies said by me, or my aunt, or any one of the three ministers who officiated my gram’s service, that this this gesture, this was the most fitting and touching of all the tributes paid to her.

. . .All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.


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