VDay… Live’ish blog


9:23 smidge of angst about snow last night…. I think it has already melted. Smidge more angst about babysitter plans…. got that worked out before 9am too. Beyond manic energy right now and last night… the angst I am having right now.. it must be a mix of a whole lot of things…none of which, I think is about having to say the word pussy on stage today.
10:52 Car in Deerfield. Late. What’s new?

Took notes most of the day – as Ashfield is a place of no service.

11:05 grabbed a spot for my gear – how I have so many bags, I don’t know.  People immediately begin  make comments on my curlers – I’ve tucked them into a head wrap and now it resembles some ridiculous crown.
11:45 warm-up done, and I have more love and joy in my belly than I’ve had in a while.  I am amped, and surrounded by some amazing women.
1:05 Cue-run through down.  Hair and make-up and costume time.  Let’s be honest, there are girly parts of me – I didn’t discover till I was well in to my thirties.  I have my make-up spread out on a table, my curlers in a pile, and the tiniest of mirrors to put-on, and fix said hair and make-up.  Uninterrupted time to fuss over myself is something I savor, some little bit of self-care I rarely have time for.
1:35 Oh there’s the butterflies
1:50 Call for places. God, I love this feeling.


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  1. You were FABULOUS, oh Angry Vagina!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and powerful content. I’ve always had great admiration for my vagina and came away appreciating it even more!!!

    Much love,

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