The ones that burn too bright


Writing and reading and listening — and trying to decipher meaning  in a half of day of quiet in my house.  Came upon this piece. . . again. . . that I had almost forgot about – But as another pop star burns out her candle- I was thinking about how our limitless consumption of media right now (she says whilst in the midst of limitless consumption) is constanly changing our discourse on ourselves, and our communities — and the world around us.  The revolution will be televised, and then YouTubed, and reblogged, and chopped up in to tiny bits of edible sound bites.  And like JaySmooth, I wonder what this means for the tiny people we teach, and parent, and nurture – what this fully televised world will hold for them.


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  1. I think we are ALL so inundated with everything… breaking news, ticker tape, disasters, war, pop stars, twitter, fb etc. Sometimes I just have to switch off. Maybe children, born into this media message overload will cope better…it is like the ever present background noise in their lives.

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