Haiku – three ways


Dear Babysitter,
thank you for taking such care
so I can write some.

Dear Corner Cafe,
the music and the people
and the Karma. Too much.

Dear this world of mine,
you are like Bill Wordsworth¹ this week-
Too much with me².


¹The world is too much with us – William Wordsworth³
²Tonight reading  Richard Wright’s book of Haikus – written while he was in exile in Paris.  Learned that while far less common (more like a million times less common) – a 5-8-4 Haiku is an option.  I’ve also read that seventeen syllables is all that you need. I do though, love the balance of 5-7-5.
³Oh. My. God. Pretentious. Notes on my Haikus -like frakin’ Eliot’s Wasteland – but not even close, because I’m not Eliot.


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