Sunday List


This week, was lovely, and a little bit idgy. I don’t do down-time well, I don’t know what to do with my brain, given enough hours on its own, it starts over-analyzing the crap out of things. I’ve been trying like hell to keep the hamster in the wheel as busy as possible, but it hasn’t been working.  I mean you would think throwing an impromptu fourth of July/ birthday part for twenty-five people would be enough – but nope by two on the 5th, it was back on the wheel.  Class starts tomorrow though. I will be more than busy for the next three weeks.

Summer To-Do
last update –  July 1st. 

  • Write every day.  Then blog it.  Still doing it. 
  • Get exercise three days a week.  With the shin splint I have kicking in my right leg, you would think such things had gotten done. But — not so much.  Had plans for yoga Friday, but turns out Keegan was home all day with me.  Will keep trying. Dug up an old Jillian Michael’s DVD, maybe its time to give that sadistic love another go around.
  • Shop the farmer’s market at least once a week. – eh, another thing missed. But, grabbed berries from a farm stand in Whately, and all of the veg for the party (including a couple dozen ears of some tasty corn), at a farm stand around the corner.
  • Work on organizing the kitchen and menu things, so things run smoother come September. Focus on creating some meals that are meatless. Buy this book, and start stocking pantry.  I have supplies headed my way to create a dinner binder.  I use Six O’clock Scramble for dinner planning, going to use a binder to put together all the recipes that are kiddo approved.  Also looking to make some snack bars from the pantry book.
  • Put up one local item from either the farmer’s market or local farm stand once a week. Got the late season berries I was looking for, found some rhubarb, made them into jam. Depending on what the farmer’s market shows me this week, might be doing some dilly beans, or maybe some cherries.  Found my Ball Blue Book too, so that’s a plus. (Yah I snickered too. Yah, I’m a twelve-year-old. It’s okay).
  • Plan at least one adventure a week with the boys – Kai started camp this week, and Keegs and I have been hanging on our own in the afternoons.  This is a fun change of pace. Keegan on his own is a whole other kind of energy.  Wednesday was an all day Fourth of July fest, complete with sparklers and glow sticks, and Saturday, they got a tee-pee fort built in the front yard. Adventures done, I would say.
  • Do at least one spoken word open mic – So last week, I put out a call to fins more local open mics, and within minutes, a very fine friend, pointed me in the direction of this blog.  Ask and you shall receive they say.  Thanks Sandy, I have plans for checking out the Hinge one on Tuesday.
  • Maybe build up enough of a set list to do this fest – Yah, I’m still in on this. I’ve got a half a set list in the works, and a haiku arsenal in the wings.
  • New this week – build myself some space – I am on a mission to de-clutter — more on that tomorrow.
  • Breathe –  Honestly, I think I held my breath all week.  
  • Cut myself some slack – Nope. Haven’t done it. It’s okay though. I have weeks left of summer, and plenty of time to get out of my own way.

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