All the things I am in love with right now.


Don’t everyone freak-out at once. But, I am going to be super cheery right now.

No. No.  You haven’t clicked on the wrong blog. And don’t worry, it’s okay I’m sure I’ll be mad at the world, or the media, or the political sphere – anytime now —

But for this minute . . . Things I’m loving .  . .

Afternoons with Keegan. Keegan and I have barely had anytime together on our own.  I mean this is what happens when you are the second child. And we can all be honest right now, Kai requires a lot of attention on any given day. So sometimes, I feel like, I haven’t very much gotten to know this second child of mine, and I am very much appreciating these lazy afternoons with him.

This weather. Has it been gorgeous or what? Today I wore a yellow dress because I am so in love with the sunshine.

The soda stream. I made rhubarb soda today. Really that’s all I need to say. Rhubarb. Soda.

Class. The professor, the discussion, the ideas I get for my teaching, the writing.  Even the notes I’m taking.  This is the first class I have taken since being officially diagnosed and beginning medication for adhd.  My notes, are beautiful. I mean there are key concepts with boxes drawn around them, important books or authors to check out underlined, and the best part, I can read them back – and know what happened in class.  The class is from 9:30 to 2 every day with a break in the morning, and lunch – and I barely look at the clock.  I pay attention all day. This is a miracle. I will say there is a lack of flowers and suns in my notes now – but eh, I’ll adjust.

Possibility.  I am in love with possibility, of setting goals, and thinking of what can be. I feel like I am standing on the precipice of big time change, and I’m not all that afraid. Perhaps a smidge bit apprehensive, maybe a little anxious, but not afraid.

Okay, tomorrow- tomorrow, I will return you to your regularly scheduled snark and sarcasm. Promise.

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